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Welcome, I'm Amarie. I am a healer, and 7th generation psychic-medium. I first experienced my abilities as early as the age 10. My aunt transitioned into spirit, and although I didn't understand as a child what was happening; She was with me still after her death. I have many instances throughout my life where my abilities would come through; Even though I didn't realize how or why. As of 3 years ago I began my spiritual remembering, and made a commitment to my healing and growth. In this time, not only do I understand my gifts, but I am now being called to share them with the world. 

In this life time, I have experienced a wide range of Trauma and challenges. These traumas include physical, emotional, mental, sexual abuse, and sexual assault. As difficult as it was, it's all for my growth and evolution. I use these experiences and my connection to spirit to help heal others in their journey. 

Now as I embrace my Journey, I am proud to say I am a Sexuality Integration Guide. Gone are the days of separating the different aspects of our humanity. We focus on integrating all aspects of our humanity in order to remain in balance and harmony. 

If you are called to work with me, we will be focusing on integrating Mind, Body, Sexuality, and Soul for your evolution and growth. 

All sessions are private, confidential and non-refundable. LGBTQ and BIPOC welcome! 

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