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Mentor Gift Development / Intuitive Guidance

As a natural teacher, I love to help educate people and watch their growth. If you are wanting to lean into your spiritual abilities, learn about the metaphysical, or education about mind-body-soul integration; we can make it happen! I offer individual and group workshops or events that provide various education opportunities. *Price determined by booked time*


Healing / Mediumship Channeling

As a psychic medium, I can connect to loved ones in spirit to deliver confirmation of life after death; written and verbal channeled messages, guidance, and answers. *Price determined by booked time*

Services: Services

Group Activities  / Parties / Events / Retreats

Custom packages available! Contact me today for inquiries and questions!


Animal Healing and Services

Services include; 

  • Pet Reading - $66

  • Pet Health Assessment - $77

  • Pet Energy Healing - $166

Services: Services

Prices Explained!

All services are priced by time per session. Prices listed below;

  • 15 Minutes / $44 

  • 30 Minutes / $77

  • 45 Minutes / $111

  • 60 Minutes / $166

  • 90 Minutes / $266

Customs are available, prices are determined post assessment.​

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